Convention Highlights

Convention is always a great time to network with fellow processors, vendors, family and friends as well as a friendly competition to see how our products are doing. It provides time to visit with many processors, educators/inspectors, and vendors to discuss equipment, innovative products, problem-solving, and build relationships.
A past hands-on seminar, Ham Production... A Profitable Market, was presented by Dave Satterwhite, Jerry Sydow and Darren Sydow. Along with great handouts to take back to our shops, the hands-on demonstrations covered traditional Bone-In Hams, the benefits of offering/producing Semi-Boneless Hams, and different approaches to Boneless Hams (whole muscle, restructured, links, etc.).
Throughout the demonstrations many cost-saving ideas, value-added marketing, and applications for hams and trimmings were shared. This was not only an informative class, it was a lot of fun!
Hats off to our wonderful suppliers who not only sponsored several events throughout the convention, but many set up booths, brought in equipment, literature, samples, technicians for Q&A, and a lot of great ideas. It's always wonderful to discover a new way to make production go smoother, faster and better.
The pictures posted in our Photo Gallery will give you a better idea of the things we do at convention!